Sunday, January 10, 2010

Change My Ways

A quick reflection on the smoking media messages to influence

White (American) people and the annoying advocacy groups:

They appeal to personal will and responsibility: 'hey! why are you smoking?'

One anti-smoking group played an ad with an office lady in a pink dress and flowered hat taking a laborious effort to make some daiquiri for the brilliant point of,

'you don't drink every time you smoke, so why smoke every time you drink?'

(philosopher note: serious analytic logic. you don't have coffee every time with milk, so why have milk every time with coffee?).

The messages mostly preach simplistic reason. Tobacco companies are evil! Imagine if kids stuffed themselves with nicotine laced broccoli! 'it's ridiculous you smoke!'

Amongst Chinese people- well to my experience, the very serious Hong Kong government:

A message of authority and collective responsibility. 'Hey, don't smoke!'

One government public reminder (among many) ad has a two guys alone enjoying little boys play soccer on an outdoor park. A fatass middle aged office worker in glasses on break, offering a cigg to this cool looking young fit guy in jeans and T, totally rockin' the backward baseball cap. Young guy looks at the kids and gives the office guy a disappointed look of judgment. Shame on you!

(physics note: second hand smoke travels far in the video - they sit two rows up on bencher's. watching little boys side by side.)

Usually relying on authority or face in some absurd fashion (ads of cops 'busting' indoor smokers, girls giving dirty looks to a smoker) the message is: "look, you should not smoke!'


In my experience I find they're best targeted at people who will never smoke to not smoke. Or to provide ammo for obnoxious comments questioning your stupidity.

Like, 'you know you're killing yourself right?' to which I usually respond in earnest-I try to be humble here-, 'ooh, I didn't know that! thanks.'

Well, to wrap up I hope this proves resourceful for your future cultural endeavor!

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