Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smoking Year


Happy New Year everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've been - ah, I have no excuse. Resolutions are in order. I have two: (quote Lil' Wayne) 'Get money. Fuck bitches.' What else do we really want in life?

I wish there were an equivalent functional word (in caricature) for: a pout, hands on hips, eye brows furrowed in exasperation (or disgust) curse in sigh- 'men!'

People are usually looking to change for the better. Through my holiday reflection watcher TV I realized what I find most annoying about social politics - there's always people taking themselves too seriously. And each culture has its own annoying way of doing this.

Jumping between livingwithchinesepeople and livingwithwhitepeople (HK and NYC, respectively), smoking in particular has been on my mind. I probably resolved with every smoker I come across, while having a smoke, to maybe smoke less this coming year.

('Hey man quitting- it's easy, I've done it plenty of times!')

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