Saturday, March 6, 2010

This generation's 'problem'

God this video makes me so angry -

Watch below Ron Alsop explain why this generation are 'leaders, not followers.'

Fuck this loser: complaining about kids youtube style in a pink frilly looking room. And get this: he has a son. Either his wife gives him the whip or he's a pansy. Oh wait, same thing.

There's no need to wear a blue work shirt buddy- it's not fooling anybody. It's clear all your accomplishments amounts to that shitty suburban house you live in.

I'm sorry I don't mean to judge. It just pisses me off that Ron Alsop decides to characterize tendencies of my generation as faults. And talks as if he is the authority on the qualities young people should have.

Here's a brief rundown of what he sees as the 'problem of this generation'

This generation seems to have be raised in such a way to rely on other people for direction and feedback, almost constantly. In this economy you have to be self-motivated and independent thinking.

It takes a lot to get into good schools now. Stress and pressure makes them feel like they can't make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. Because they fear to make mistakes to get to their goal, they're often frozen, or rely on team members for consensus too much.

How condescending. Throughout 16 years of school the message of teachers, guidance counselors and parents was simple. Study hard -> Good grades -> Good college -> Success

If you don't follow that principle, then you 1) get kicked out of school and 2) have a shitty job.

Well Ron, unlike your dumb-fuck generation we LISTENED.

To succeed in this system - to be graded well - feedback was needed. So yes, this generation likes feedback because we did what we were told to do and were rewarded for it.

Now after 16 years of being told to think this way - all of sudden it's a fault?

And you wonder why we feel like we can't make mistakes?

Um, maybe it's because in this society (apparently) grade records matter more than anything else in determining a student's future prospects.

As for lack of independent thinking and self-motivation? Ron, you're a tool. Silicon valley tech start-ups. Social entrepreneurship. Lifestyle design. Transnational activism. All emerged from the independent thinkers of my generation. The tech industry is one of the more vibrant sectors in this economy. And it's not filled with old fucks like you.

I worry about how good they will be as leaders this generation. Will take a lot of work on the part of business schools and employers to help wean them from this reliance on so much feedback and checklists of exactly what to do to get the job done.

What I see teachers spell out exactly what they want on every project and every paper... Absurd to me the level of direction they're giving - doesn't allow for the analysis and struggle this generation needs to actually get into the workplace.

HAH - now this one is funny. I actually agree with most of your criticisms. It just takes a while to un-learn all the bullshit your generation taught us in school. Your 'solution' - more school? That is so absurd.

And to think that your generation has leaders?

Let's recap all the ways your generation fucked up. War over ideology and all the grief as your generation duked out liberalism vs communism vs fascism. Systematic racial discrimination. (Here's a video idea for you Ron 'The ghetto: lacking leadership"). The environment.

And in these times - we just can't escape from the laughably stupid, simple ideas of your generation.

-The plan to remove Saddam Hussein. We'll just take him out really quickly. Once gone, Iraqis will rejoice and a spontaneous democratic order will emerge. How fucking stupid can you get?
-Praise the private sector. Deregulation and low tax is the key to economic success. Great fucking plan - 'someone else will figure it out'. Outstanding analysis.

And the most recent: 'free market' experiment in efficient market hypothesis for the finance industry. Great, now we all have to pay for these shitty loan securities at Citi and derivative contacts at AIG.

You know what? This generation is perhaps the most sensible generation of our times. We listened, did what we were told and readily prepared ourselves to join the world.

To face a shitty job market. Sovereign debt concerns. Global warming. Transnational terrorism. And you know what? Succeeding in this game is more competitive than ever, yet we put our heads down and keep at it.

Do we try to upheave society? Make others pay for it? Riot?

No. We're civic minded. We're working together. We embrace technology.

We don't complain that your old ass is bankrupting the government (social security, medicare). helping enriching bankers (pension funds) and hogging jobs (academia anyone).

So shut the fuck up, Ron Alsop. This generation is still figuring out leadership because the lack of it in yours.

Fuck you and YOUR generation.

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