Tuesday, March 23, 2010

America! quick style quips!

I think this blog needs more focus. As a chronicle of cultural misdirection I need some constraint form. Limit begets creativity so in lacking one now I'll need the other.

In the meantime some quips:

Sometimes on the subway to somewhere I'll ruminate all the ways life sucks. Like rationalizing why people who don't have shit get shit on the most. Then, all of a sudden I'll catch a flash of leg, or glimpse a pretty face, and all of a sudden I think, 'life's not too bad.' Then my thoughts turn to happy things, like power and dominating empires.

I wonder if any one of Descartes' students would ask, 'sir, why do my thoughts change when I give worship to Aphrodite? Is it the Gods?' Like, seriously, my penis directs thought.

I'm glad the US healthcare bill was signed. There were some fair faults of cost leveled to it, however the social arguments against it were plain retarded. Like giving handouts and death panels and such. I wonder if those tea party old shouters realize someone like me will listen to that retarded shit,

and may think:

'in 20 years when I get some influence I'm going to spend my time and energy getting medicare cut so I don't give money to support unproductive old fucks.

'About time we get government out of our lives - besides, then they'll realize we can't cover their stupid surgeries (that'll lower costs). We go back to private business.'

I think slightly ironic.

Despite it's history of advertising glory (Mad Men!) the US still has incredibly dumb ads from very big corporations:

McDonalds - 'No Fillers, No Extenders. Just 100% pure beef cooked fresh on the grill.'

Okay so there's turkey and pork burgers. Maybe with peppers, maybe cheese (mmm...). But holy shit. When I get a McDonalds 'burger,' I (reasonably) assume its got a simple motherfucking beef patty. Beef thats not 95% or 93% beef. What would that other 5% be?

I guess I feel reassured I'm not eating crap. It also makes me lose my appetite thinking of 'extenders,' -tiny patties made less tiny without meat... something only McDonalds could do.

Skippy's 'Reduced Fat' creamy peanut butter

Peanuts? Who the fuck got fat eating a bunch of nuts? How did all that fat get there- then taken out? Reduced fat vegetable. Non-fat nut. (ok... chemically the same as animal fat). How much fat can you really cut in your diet from peanuts!

It's been around for awhile so I assume it has fans. Ugh, lame.

To be honest, I had some good ol' McDonalds and bought some low fat peanut butter the other day. So overall, still A+ to American advertising.

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