Monday, November 23, 2009

Guest Story: The California Roll Incident

So my good friend H decided to share an incident of his that took place freshman year at Brown University, with a girl in the good ol' freshman dorm, Keeney:

He didn't really - but reminded me and I thought it was funny so I'm posting it.

Girl: Hey, you look Asian, where you from?
H: Hong Kong.
Girl: Oh. So like you'd know how many minutes do I put this in the microwave?
*referring to a cooked California sushi roll from Josiah's (one of Brown's eateries - known for its 'selection of all-time American favorites')
H: Uh... You don't....and plus it's totally cooked...
Girl: Yeah right, just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm dumb! Hee hee!
H: Uh... Where are you from?
(H: Eye-Dah-HOe maybe?)
Girl: I'm from the OC! Oh-my-god, have you NOT seen the show?!
H: ....10 minutes on high should do it.

Quote H: 'Should I be surprised, in a school where IR is the second most popular major?'

A really nice California Roll:

The California roll has its origins in California in the 1970s. Realizing white people's (among others) aversion to raw fish, Ichiro Mashita decided to substitute avocado for tuna, realizing its oily texture was a perfect substitute. Mashita also made the roll inside out - traditionally rolls are wrapped with seaweed - as most thought it was gross seeing and eating outside seaweed. (Source: of course).

And thus Mashita-san eased the way for millions of white people to eventually partake in the delightful Japanese cuisine of raw fish. Kudos, Mr. Mashita-san!

Oh, in light of the 'controversy' (was there one?) of Obama's bow to Japan's Emperor Akihito - I'm thinking at least he didn't get crowned. And it's really a moot point for him, considering he has the Emperor's ass under military control.

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