Sunday, November 22, 2009

Living with white people: drinking habits

So, white people like to arbitrarily set times when they can and cannot drink.

It seems that Sunday is typically frowned upon as a time to drink alcohol.

So I went to the 24 hour grocery Saturday night at around 4:30 AM. I wanted some beer. So I could sleep better after being stimulated by a long island iced tea.

I was promptly refused by the nice looking cashier. Who calmly explained to me that 3AM to 8AM Sunday by law were hours during which people could not buy alcohol.

Needless to say the entire walk back I cussed in fury at puritans, arbitrary social guidelines, the dutch, liberals, conservatives and all others who prevented me from getting a goddamn beer.


  1. Be thankful that we have clean drinking water at least, things could be worse

  2. hahaha I must say I really appreciate the clean drinking water - it's pretty glorious to leave the tap on and reflect for a quick moment on the water shortages in other parts of the word...