Monday, November 23, 2009

A fleeting Asian-White moment...

I was headed back on the Q train from downtown - transferring to the 1 train at Union Square. Coming back from the first round interview I just passed.

Two streams - bustling in the narrow pathway between the open train and the revolving gates. Distracted by Lil Wayne's mixtape flow I kept close, keeping pace. And then, I looked up - we made eye contact - and those bright blue eyes connected with mine.

My eyes did a quick double take - down, up: Somehow it was already there in my mind - the slight ruffled cloth scarf, positioned perfectly between warmth and appeal. A fitted leather jacket - buttons of definition, pockets of form. An muted v-neck that added tone. Washed out darkness of denim to define yet add to the slim build, completed with sneakers that suggested converse but not quite. Urban function in connected balance.

I saw in those bright blue eyes that lingered on me one thing: recognition.

My slim dark navy suit and its understated pinstripes - the light muted blue shirt with its suggestive lines: implied, not stated. The two associated, not connected. The slim tie, with its wide angled stripes of subtle outline - blue: light stripe over dark that somehow refused symmetrical line to the eye. Attracting focus to the whole. Corporate lifestyle blend of balance.

And in those 3 seconds of 2 pace rhythmic step - there was recognition as we passed.

Of equals, of awesome.

I wish him luck.

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