Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Living with white people: times are a-changing

So I've been networking in the city and it's been interesting:
-I usually talk about my background: about my goals, interests, experience...
-They offer their insight in their field, offer steps that could be taken...

I'm in Starbucks now and this is a unique sight:
There's this older white guy - he's 43, dressed conservatively (polo, khakis, leather shoes and jacket) and looks like an asshole. He seems tense and I think he's an asshole because as I squeezed by him to take a spot on the table, he didn't make an effort to help move his chair that had all his stuff on it.

I find out he's waiting for someone, when a pretty student asks if the chair is free.

And who shows up? This Asian (looks Chinese) young looking guy - donning a trendy grey sweater hoody, dark jeans and black coat. Is gay. Has one of those Asian-British hybrid accents. He has a PhD in Accounting and Finance.

This Asian guy starts talking about different areas in finance (private wealth management, real estate) - I glean that he worked at an investment bank. Pronounces finance like 'Fi-nish, Fi-ckle' and not 'FI-nal.' During the conversation he's checking his blackberry occasionally (reminding me of the alums I've met). And he asks about the white guy's background - his goals and interests.

Haha. Times really are a-changing.

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